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Pricing for dog baths whether you give them or we do. Plus the extra grooming options you may need. 


You might not think about it but dog baths is a great way to connect with your pup - warm water, a massage from their most trusted human, and the soothing scents and feel of shampoo. But, if it means trashing your back and your bathroom, it's not going to be a good experience for anyone. We make dog baths easy for you. 

You can do it yourself with our Self-Wash service - we provide everything you need: aprons, towels, dryers, brush/comb, easy access tub and sturdy grooming table. We also offer you our premium conditioning shampoo, Simply Clean Classic. We developed it with plant-based ingredients and zero toxins so it's safe for your dog and for you and doesn't pollute the groundwater with sulfate-laden suds. Many self-wash places use cheap shampoo because they figure you don't care. We know you do and we don't think of self-wash as the cheap-out alternative. It's the best thing for your dog when you have the time. 

If your schedule just doesn't give you the chance to bathe your dog, we totally get it. Everybody is running a thousand miles an hour. We offer Simply Great Dog Baths - a full bath with Simply Clean Classic, dry, brush and ear cleanse. 

In addition to dog baths, nail clipping, anal expression, and sanitary trims are also available by appointment. And if you need the services of a professional groomer for trims, styling or shaves, we'll connect you with the experienced pro who works from our place. 

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