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Dog Boarding & Daycare in Los Angeles, CA


SAFE & SOUND Cage-Free Care

When you need to do some shopping or catch up with friends, we'll make sure that your dog is Safe & Sound whether for an hour or the whole day. We offer separate cage-free areas for little and big dogs so they have plenty of space to run and play as well as quiet spots to nap in the sun. Both spaces are well lit by big windows and in full view of our staff - we are never more than steps away from both areas to keep them safe, give out pats and small, healthy treats. Please download our Safe & Sound contract for more information about policies and standards. Puppies must be older than 12 weeks; please speak with us if you have any questions about this policy.

If your dog is larger than 35lbs, please come in for a free evaluation so we can assure that they'll be comfortable in our cage-free environment.  

We can set up a schedule for daycare or be ready for those times you need us. We don't have a huge warehouse of space - and prefer it that way - but it does mean that we'd appreciate at least 24 hours notice of your plans. Late pick-up fees will apply after a grace period.

We have raised beds, squishy beds, and people beds for your dogs to snuggle with each other or with us. You should bring their normal food to minimize upset tummies and stress. We have staff on-site 24 hours a day. All boarders get a Simply Great Bath before pick-up so the welcome home hug is the best!

Come visit our cage-free daycare and boarding in Los Angeles, CA specializing in special care, quality treats, and grooming supplies for dogs.