Baths & Self-Wash Stations Close 1 Hour Before Closing Time

Simply Great Baths at Eco Dog Care LA


Dog Grooming Services in Los Angeles

Grooming Special $35 (Buy 6 Get 1 Free)

This service includes a wash with our premium conditioning shampoo, Simply Clean, dry, brush and ear cleanse.

If you'd like your dog to stay & play before or after their bath, there's a $10 daycare fee.

Please download & sign the Safe & Sound Contract.

Add-on Grooming Services:

Nail Clip - $14.00

We cut nails to a prudent length, just short of the toenail quick. Nail trimming prevents painful nail cracking or nails breaking.

Anal Gland Expression - $14.00

Anal gland expression can help hinder symptoms connected with anal gland irritation. Glands can become infected if liquids are not drained naturally.

Independent Grooming - Pricing starts at $55

An independent groomer is also available to make your pup even more adorable. Call 323-939-0945 to schedule an appointment!

Come visit our cage-free daycare and boarding in Los Angeles, CA specializing in special care, quality treats, and grooming supplies for dogs.