Baths & Self-Wash Stations Close 1 Hour Before Closing Time

Eco Dog Care LA Pet Services


Local Grooming & Pet Boarding


The team at Eco Dog Care LA is here for you and your pets. We have cage-free award-winning boarding and daycare services in a stress-free environment. We have self-wash stations along with bathing and grooming services. We also carry a wide variety of eco-friendly pet supplies! Learn more about our pet services below.

Cage-Free Boarding & Doggie Daycare

While they’re here, they are very simply our family, and we do everything we can to make sure they are safe & happy. Thank you for trusting us with them.

$35 Full-Day

$22 Half Day

Save up to 33% with multiple dogs. *20% Discount on daycare & boarding for multiple dogs.

Self-Service Dog Wash

We supply our own premium conditioning shampoo, Simply Clean, plus an apron, shammies, towels, dryers, brushes, cotton, and ear cleanser.

All-Inclusive Self-Wash Available 7 Days a Week on a First-Come, First Serve Basis. Available up to 1 Hour Before Close.

Simply Great Bath

Our Simply Great Baths include premium conditioning shampoo, Simply Clean, dry, brush, and ear cleanse. Add on services are available and we have Full-Service Grooming Salon! If you'd like your dog to stay & play before or after their bath, there's a $10 daycare fee.

Come visit our cage-free daycare and boarding in Los Angeles, CA specializing in special care, quality treats, and grooming supplies for dogs.