We CLOSED OUR LA Business. You can BUY OUR SHAMPOOS+ at ecodogcare.com KOTF to all your dogs. And THANK YOU.

Single Days & Packages

We would love your dog to join our pack whether it's for an hour or a week.  We don’t discriminate against breeds but, if your dog is over 30 lbs, please schedule an evaluation before your first visit so we can assure they’ll be happy with us.

Separate areas for little and big dogs allow just the right amount of playing with each other, chasing balls or simply napping in a sunny spot. Dogs are pack animals so benefit from socialization with other dogs and with our devoted staff. Some of our older pups sometimes just enjoy picking a high spot to lounge & watch the games.
We’ve got “eyes on dogs” continuously. Our daycare areas are set up so that we are always just steps away. We know it might be louder than someplace that has all the dogs behind closed doors, but we prefer to know what everybody's up to at all times. Sometimes, play can result in the doggy equivalent of a skinned knee on a playground – minor cuts or scrapes are treated with an antiseptic cleanse and a pat, just as you would at home. If we see truly unsafe activities, we’ll use spray bottles (water) or whistles/horns to break it up and, if necessary, separate dogs into a safe time-out area until everybody cools down. If your dog is seriously injured, we’ll attempt to contact you and your veterinarian immediately. If we cannot reach your vet, we’ll take your dog to our local vet, Dr. Kamran Nassi, Beverly Robertson Veterinary Clinic

All dogs staying with us in our cage-free areas are required to be spayed/neutered, up to date on vaccinations, and on a flea program. We'll also need current vet records and a completed, signed Safe & Sound Contract.