We CLOSED OUR LA Business. You can BUY OUR SHAMPOOS+ at ecodogcare.com KOTF to all your dogs. And THANK YOU.


Giving your dog a bath is one of the very best ways of bonding with them. But it doesn't mean losing control of your bathroom or killing your back. Leave the mess here and take home a clean, soft dog. We'll make it easy for you - we provide an apron, towels, our premium toxin-free shampoo, Simply Clean Classic, brushes, combs, natural ear cleanser & cotton. Our tubs are large enough for your big pup and have ramps which make it easy to  access, If your dog is small, there's a platform that fits easily inside the tub to save your back. If you have questions or just need a hand, just call out and one of our staff will help. If you like the scent of our shampoo, you can buy Simply Fresh body spray when you check out. It will keep your dog smelling great between baths and naturally repel pests like fleas with our unique blend of essential oils. Please call for an appointment. We offer Self-Wash 7 days a week.