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Safety First

The health & safety of your dogs is our primary concern. Our commitment starts with our requirements that all dogs are spayed/neutered, on a flea program, and up-to-date with vaccinations. The only dogs exempt from these requirements are those strictly here for Self-Wash. If your dog is here for Daycare, Boarding, Grooming or a Simply Great Bath,  please complete and sign our Safe & Sound contract

Safety designed from the outside in:  

  • Fenced parking lot (on Genesee Ave) to unload & load dogs from your car with less stress & worry about traffic

  • Exterior door swings inward to prevent dogs from pushing through and bounding on to Pico Blvd. Nope - we don't do it to drive you crazy -- pushing it to get in and pulling it to leave. 

  • An airlock-type entry so unleashing & leashing can be managed more calmly -- especially important because everybody is amped up to see their family and friends

  • Interior space configured to assure we can see/hear everything that’s going on and are always only steps away. Yes, we know this config can be loud & messy with all the dogs "talking" and playing with each other. One of our clients compared it to a big happy rec room for dogs. That description made us smile, but though we do want them to be happy, of course, the main reason we're "open concept" is that we want to be steps away from them at all times. Other facilities may look neater and have more elegant lobbies, but we're not comfortable with dogs behind doors.

  • Temperature-regulated water in our wash tubs. (We take our Eco seriously - we use tankless water heaters to conserve energy so if you're first up for a self-wash, you may have to wait a few moments for the water to warm up. Take the time to hug & pat your dog; your attitude partly sets the tone for theirs about baths so try to project calm & caring even if it's annoying to wait a moment or two.

  • Ramps and interior tub stands so it's easy for both big and little dogs to get baths.

Ramp with slip-safe covering so larger dogs can easily get in and out of tub
  • Sturdy, lockable doors & walls high enough to minimize distractions, argle-bargle & dog gossip in the bathing areas. 

Bath and Wash Areas showing wall height between baths, grooming table with tools, and sturdy door
  • A/C cooled interior with fans and a dehumidifier for comfort

  • Double-latch gates on the separate play areas for Big & Small dogs

  • Post-recycled rubber floor mats in Big Dog land 

Smaller dogs look like they're listening to stories from a lab - interior shot showing the run of slip-safe mat